Homestay is a great option for people who are coming to Australia for the first time and would like to improve the English skills. It is recommended that the student stays in a homestay for at least four weeks, so he/she will have more contact with the Australian culture, developing his/her English skills. There are options of half- board (breakfast+dinner) or full-board (all meals). The prices of the homestays vary depending on the cities and the average is between AU$170 and AU$250 per week.


Another option a bit cheaper is to stay in a backpacker, where you will share a room with other people, usually travelers or students and there are no meals included. The backpackers offer different options of rooms and the daily rate will vary between AU$25 to AU$50 and different options of payments such weekly or monthly. It is considered an excellent option if the idea is to meet people from all over the world. If choosing to stay in a backpacker we advise to keep your belongings in a safe place to avoid any problems.

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House or Apartment

This is an option for students that would like to have more privacy and freedom. Normally students that are already in Australia for some time and have already a bank account and a job. To rent it is necessary to provide personal and financial documents to the real estate. Moreover, it is necessary a deposit of 4 weeks rent payment in advance, this deposit is called BOND and you will get this money back by the end of the contract if the house is in the same condition when the leasing started and you also have to keep your rent 2 weeks in advance. Usually when the contract ends, the student has to pay for a professional carpet cleaning.


Another option very common in Australia is to rent just a room in a house. The rules of payment will vary according to the owner of the house, some will charge a bond of 4 weeks, and others will charge just for the room. Many people opt for sharehouses because you can enjoy a combination of more privacy with less responsibility in relation to dealing with real estates.