The public transport in Australia is clean and organized. Buses, trams and trains have air conditioner and nobody is allowed to eat or drink while using a public transport. The price is considered reasonable according to the quality of the service received. VET and University courses’ students have the right to pay a concession price but to claim that they have to have their Australian student card on hand. Another cheaper option is to buy a weekly transport card.

Other options would be to buy a car or a bike. If you opt for buying a car, which it is not expensive in Australia, you can drive with your driver’s license from your country but you must have a certified translation in English and your student card on hands. If you are going to change your visa status you will have 03 months to obtain your Australian driver’s license.

More information about using the driver’s license from your country can be obtained here:


The weekly ticket is a better and cheaper option than buying a daily ticket. For more information about tickets and timetable visit the websites:


The Company TRANSLINK offers options such as trains, ferries and buses. A great tip is to buy a GO CARD in any news agency or 7-eleven shop and you will pay the cheapest rate. There are different kinds of GO CARD and as soon as you get your student card from the school you can buy or GO CARD or pay the concession prices when buying a ticket.

Gold Coast

TRANSLINK is also the company responsible for the public transport on the Gold Coast, with the options of buses and trains in some areas. Some of these buses do not run at their right time, so if you have an important appointment it is better to leave 30 minutes earlier. For more information about tickets and timetable visit the websites:


It is considered the city with the best system of transport in Australia. The options are buses, trains and trams. Students that are up to 16 years-old pay half price of a ticket, without having to show the student card but they must be wearing their uniform. Students older than 16 pay half price of the transport ticket if they show the student card. For more information visit the website:


The options available in Perth are buses and trains. Discount is offered to all students, so as soon as you can ask about your student card at your school. Pay attention when using your card, you will have to scan your card every time that you start and finish your trip otherwise you will pay a fine. There are always inspections to check if you have scanned your card or if you have a ticket on hand. In the centre of the city the transport is free and there are 4 different routes. These buses are called CATS and the routes are: RED CAT, YELLOW CAT, BLUE CAT e GREEN CAT. For more information visit: