Work – TFN and ABN

Working in Australia? What Should I Do?

The first step is to apply for your Tax File Number (TFN). The clients of MOTT International Students will receive all help to acquire your TFN and you can even use the computers in our agency to apply for it. The TAX FILE NUMBER is a kind of registration that all employers ask you to provide, so the government can collect the tax that you should pay. At the end of the financial year you will receive a document called Payment Summary, stating how much money you earned how much tax you have paid, and with this document you can claim your tax back.

Another registration that some employers require is the Australian Business Number (ABN). This is required for specific jobs, like providing your service to a company. At MOTT International Students you will receive all the necessary information in how to apply for your ABN.

The second step is to prepare a curriculum and a cover letter in English. Cover letter is a letter where you will present yourself; write about your professional experience and your skills. At MOTT International Students we will help our clients with the preparation of the curriculum and cover letter; we also have a NOTICE BOARD where we post job offers and we do the same online on our Facebook group JOB GOLD COAST MOTT INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS.

Tax Return

If you intend to work in Australia, your employer will ask for your Tax File Number so that your tax can be recorded and paid to the taxation department on your behalf. When the time comes, either end of financial year (30th of June) or you are departing Australia, you will need to lodge a tax return. A portion of the tax could be refunded to you so it is always beneficial to consult a financial adviser.


Superannuation is also an amount of money paid by your employer which is meant for your retirement. As temporary residents who have worked in Australia, you will be eligible to access your superannuation once you permanently depart Australia.
If you need any help with opening a superannuation account, consolidating multiple funds or helping you with the withdrawal consult a financial advisor such as Vision Wealth Group.

Where to Look for a Job?

Once you have prepared all documentation, you just have to check the job opportunities on websites and newspaper or just walk around and tell them that you are looking for a job and give them your curriculum.

Newspaper where you can find job opportunities:

Gold Coast: Gold Coast Bulletin
Brisbane: The Courier Mail
Sydney: Sydney Morning Herald
Melbourne: Herald Sun e The Age
Perth: The West


  • Read the profile of the company that you are going to apply for a job. This way, you will be more familiar with the company when they call you for an interview.
  • It is always good to keep a good networking with other students that are already working; they can give you advice or even recommend you when a job opportunity comes out.
  • When you are looking for a job, leave the casualty at home. Dress yourself properly. For the girls, do not wear too much jewelry and keep a clean appearance. For the boys, shave your beard and also opt for a clean look.
  • Bring a pair of black paints, a pair of black shoes and a white t-shirt in your luggage if you intend to work as a waiter/waitress. Some companies offer uniform to their employees, others you have to buy. If you need to buy something that is part of your uniform, keep all receipts because you claim it back when doing your tax return.
  • Be polite, kind and always show that you are willing to learn. Do not forget to use the words please and thank you.
  • Most of the companies offer training, so all employees will know the standard that the company follows. Do not give up, in the first weeks might be a little a bit difficult but once you become familiar with your new job everything it is going to be easier.
  • Be responsible and punctual. If you need a day off, ask in advance and if you get sick do not forget to call, because your boss will need to organize someone to work. Remember, the job that you are working today will be the reference of your future job.
  • Depending on the kind of work, you will need a license to work. You can apply for most of these licenses online. The licenses are listed below:
  • RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol): For people that will work serving alcohol.
  • RCG (Responsible Conduct of Gambling): For people that will work in casinos or pubs where they have game machines.
  • WHITE CARD: For people that want to work at the construction industry.
  • BLUE CARD: For people that want to work in childcare, baby-sitter or kids club in hotels.
  • FIRST AID CERTIFICATE: For some employers ask for this course and it will depend on the occupation that you apply for.