Vocational Courses

VET (Vocational Training Courses)

VET courses are offered in many institutions. These courses are recognized in Australia and are offered in different levels from Certificates I, II, III and IV to the Diploma. These courses are also considered the first step to go to University.


Certificates I, II, III, IV and Diploma in English Proficiency have been designed to provide students with an opportunity to enter the appropriate level of language development for their particular needs and skill levels. It has a more flexible delivery system than ELICOS.


Improove your knowledge of leadership

A course of management will give you all the tools your need to confidently pursue a leadership role. It’s a perfect fit for those who already have a business experience and are aiming a management position.


Gain a solid understanding of business principles

Studyng Business will give you the opportunity to have a huge scope for rewarding career pathways from being a small business owner to working in an administrative function in major corporations.

Construction and Trades

Gain practical skills and be ready to the construction industry

This market offers a broad range of career opportunities, from specific trades through to supervision and management roles.


Understand how to control the human impact on the environment

Learn how to link management decisions with local, regional and global sustainability initiatives. You’ll be ready to develop clear alternatives for professional organizations to secure a sustainable future.

Engineering Industry

Learn how to perform and succeed in the engineering industry

Develop well rounded skills in engineering including fabrication, welding, structural steel erection, sheet metal working, metal finishing, pattern making, moulding and others.

Education Industry

Help children develop their social learnings

A career in education and care gives you the potential to change lives. You will be helping children develop their social and learning skills and will often work with parents and colleagues to assist in the child’s development.

It is a rewarding career where you can see results.

Massage and Natural Therapies

Be a therapist and enter in the Massage and Therapy market

Courses in this area provide skills in therapeutic relaxation massage, including basic health assessment and treatment. Massage and Natural Therapies studies allow you to start the career using diverse techniques.

Hairdressing and Beauty

Learn how to work in the Beauty industry with the best teachers

Courses designed to expand the development of technical skills in hairdressing, make-up and/or skin care. Courses in this area you will also prepare you on how to communicate and interact with customers in the workplace.

Sports and Fitness

You can live in Australia while studying and practicing sports.

Surfing, Recreation, Martial Arts, Yoga and Personal Training are some of the sports related to this field of studies. We can provide you with a full list of the best Sport and Fitness courses in Australia.

There are endless opportunities in the Sports field.


Work globally within hospitals caring for health and preventing illness

Develop an understanding of the Australian health care system, legal requirements and skills to perform health assessments, care for patients in aged care, mental health, and others.

There are endless options in the Health arena.

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