It is the second biggest state in Australia. It is known as The Sunshine State because its tropical climate. The temperature in Queensland is pleasant most of the year, going from 21 to 38 degrees in summer and from 10 to 25 degrees during the winter. In Queensland, you will find “The Great Barrier Reef” (the biggest reef barrier in the world), “Fraser Island” ( the biggest island in sand extension in the world), forests, national parks, wineries, farms and famous cities like Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Cairns.


Brisbane is the capital of Queensland and the third biggest city in Australia with a population of 2.2 million inhabitants. Brisbane has a mix of modern and European old style building.

Brisbane is not located on the coast but there is a river called Brisbane River that crosses the city. It is a cosmopolitan city with a great cultural calendar and a great nightlife. Sunshine Coast is located from one hour and a half from Brisbane and one hour from Gold Coast, where you can find beautiful beaches.

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Gold Coast

Gold Coast is located in the southeast of Queensland and its population is about 513,954 thousand inhabitants. This is one of most visited cities in Australia, receiving hundreds of domestic and international tourists.

There are more than 57 km of amazing beaches with white sand and they are considered excellent for surfing, body board, paddle board and others. Some of the most famous beaches are Surfers Paradise, Kirra, Coolangatta and Burleigh Heads.

On the Gold Coast you will find beautiful beaches, theme parks, casino, five stars hotels, excellent restaurants, shopping centres and an outlet shopping called Harbour Town. Moreover, the Gold Coast offers an excellent nightlife, a lot of outdoor sports, golf fields and national parks with breathtaking lookouts.

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Cairns has a population of a bit more than 1.5 million of inhabitants. In Cairns you will enjoy The Great Barrier Reef and one of the touristic places most visited in Australia called Whitsundays. Whitsundays has more than 74 island and 8 of them offer accommodation in resorts, where you will find a lot of options in price. Whitsundays is known for its natural beauty and for a lot of options in leisure and sport. In the north you will find Port Douglas, another place that offers a lot of tour packages with a great diversity in activities. The beaches are beautiful, but it is always good to get some information before you jump in the water, there are salt water crocodiles in this area.

Cairns receive a lot of tourists and divers during the year because of hot tropical climate. Another trip very interesting is to catch the train that goes from Kuranda, where you will find a market with a lot of options in aboriginal arts and to finish the trip just catch a gondola and enjoy a fantastic view.

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