The state is a big island with beautiful sceneries, mountains covered by snow, dense vegetation, white sands beaches and lakes with crystal clear water. Tassie is the nickname given to the state by the Australians and this place is great for tourism or living, because of the quality of life is considered excellent.


It is the capital of Tasmania, the city is modern and its population is about 512 500 inhabitants. In the city you will find many options of leisure and tourism with activities for all ages, likings and pockets. A great tip is to visit the lookout Mount Wellington and Mount Nelson, where you will enjoy a fantastic view of the entire island.

Driving only 20 minutes you will find a village called Richmond, there you can visit the old and heritage-listed buildings and parks. This place was used as a prison of maxim penalty and received more than 10 000 prisoners, among them the worst criminals of England.

Tasmania has 18 National Parks com dense vegetation and a big diversity in the fauna and flora, including the famous cartoon character the Tasman Devil.

Favorite beaches to practice surf are Cloudy Beach and South Cape Bay, where you find great waves all the year.

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