In Victoria you will enjoy a lot of different experiences, you will find the best and fine restaurants, excellent shopping centres, a multicultural place and of course a show played by mother nature.


Melbourne is the capital of Victoria, the second biggest city in Australia, its population is 4.25 million, and it is considered the city that had the biggest population growth in Australia. Its climate is varied and you can have all seasons in only one day.

Melbourne cultural centre of Australia. You will have a chance to go to big festivals and watch to big artistic and glamorous shows. Famous restaurants and cafes full of charm and a big centre of shopping. Melbourne is considered one of the best Australian cities to shop and have a lot of fun with its alive nightlife.

Melbourne is an important economic centre of Australia, the city offer a great quality of life and great opportunities in terms of studying and employment. Melbourne is considered one of the best places to live in Australia.

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Places That You Cannot Miss

The Great Ocean Road it is considered the road that has one of the most beautiful views of the world. You will enjoy 280 km of a fantastic natural scenery. On the south east coast of Victoria, you will find the famous The Twelve Apostles, a beautiful forest called Otways and Bells Beach, famous surf spot due to the great quality of waves.

It is nice to visit the small cities like Torquay, Lorne and Apollo Bay, the cities on the coast like Geelong and Warrnambool, and historic villages like Queenscliff, Port Campbell, Port Fairy and Portland, all full of its own enchanted charm.

Ninety Mile Beach is another spot that you cannot miss, 90 miles of golden sand separating lakes and ocean. This beach is part of the Lakes National Park, where you will find beautiful forest. This is one of the most well preserved natural areas in the world and it is ideal for activities like walking, fishing and also to watch the fantastic show promoted by wales and dolphins.

Point Neapen is a historic area where you will find a lot of aboriginal archaeology. Visitors can explore tunnels and lookouts while enjoy a beautiful view of the coast. Other recommended activities are walking, cycling or horse riding to explore better all the area.