Western Australia

Western Australia

Famous for its diversity and contrast among big rock walls and beaches with crystal clear water, this breath taking scenery is blesses by a blue sky. This state will bring you an unforgettable experience in terms of tourism in Australia. Different of the east coast, in Western Australia the winter is humid and summer is dry with the temperature reaching the 40 degrees. You will enjoy beautiful sceneries, different of everything that you experience on the east coast. For a truly Australian experience, visit the Western Australia.


It is a friendly city and easy to get around, despite of the city being spread out the great transport system with trains will help you a lot. There are 3 different routes of a free bus that runs in the city centre. These buses are called CATS, and the routes are: Red Cat, Yellow Cat and Blue Cat, so it is a good idea to look for a map showing the routes that each CAT runs.

Perth is considered one of the places that offer more opportunities of employment in Australia, due to the extensive development in the mining industry. But the downside of this development is that Perth became an expensive place to live.

Perth has amazing beaches like Cottesloe Beach, City Beach and Scarborough Beach, being the last one a favorite spot for Brazilians and the first one a favorite spot for a Sunday session. The water is crystal clear but not very good for surf, due to the strong wind on the coast; the favorite sport is the kite surf. So, if you are looking for surfing you will have to drive a bit to Lancelin, Yallingup, or bit far to the famous surf spot of WA, a beautiful and magic city called Margaret River.

In Perth you will find a beautiful park called Kings Park, where you can enjoy a picnic with family, friends or the love of your life. This park has a beautiful view of the city and impressive gardens. Other places worth to visit is Fremantle and the chic Hillarys Boat Harbour.

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Breathtaking Places That You Must Visit

Margareth River

In Margaret River you will enjoy great surf with big waves and excellent wineries, with famous wines all over the world. The price of the wine is reasonable in terms of quality. Moreover, you can enjoy fantastic tours in the beautiful caves.

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Rottnest Island

To get there it is necessary to catch a ferry and it is ideal to leave early in the morning to enjoy all day, you will not want to miss a minute in this tour. When you arrive at the island, you will have the option to hire a bike or buy a bus ticket to explore the place. The bus stops in a lot of spots where the tourist can get off, explore the area and then catch the next bus to continue the tour. It is a good idea to get the bus timetable and the map of the area at the information centre. Moreover, if you decide to stay longer in this paradise, the island offers options in accommodation.

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You cannot miss this exotic place that is situated 260km from Perth. Many schools offer tours to Pinnacles to their students or you can in any travel agency. In this deserted area you will find limestone formation with 5 meters high. Many tours offer a sand boarding adventure at the end of the tour, which will make your experience unforgettable.

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